Our partners are so important and we accomplish a lot when we work together . Meet our board members, community allies and friends!

Fox Run is a volunteer-powered organization with a board that works closely with the Executive Director.

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board members

Ame Vanorio, Ms ed,MS Env. Sc, Founder and Executive Director

Ame Vanorio (or Farmer Ame to the kids) has been a long time organic farmer, off grid homesteader, and educator. Ame has always had a deep reverence and concern for native wildlife and the farm has several areas dedicated to preserving wildlife habitat. It was a natural extension for her to become a Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator. In doing so she became aware of the tremendous need for rehabilitation services as well as education concerning wildlife. So Fox Run Environmental Education Center was born!!

Ame has graduate degrees in Education and Environmental Science, completed thesis work on microbes in compost and doctoral research on water quality issues. She is a certified Kentucky teacher in Special Education and Biology and has an endorsement in Environmental Education. While in college she worked in the education and archaeology department of the Cincinnati Museum of Natural History and later as a teacher for the National Wildlife Federation.

She teaches a variety of classes on the farm, for local schools and scout groups and online. Check out our Education Programs.

In addition, Ame is also a freelance also writer at www.foxrunwritingservices.com and has written adult and children’s books. Check out her latest - Goober Goose.

nathan Glaza; dvm, Board member and vet

Dr Glaza is our farm and wildlife vet as well as a Board Member. We greatly appreciate his being open to whatever problems and creatures we encounter!! Dr. Glaza graduated in 2010 from Auburn University as a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.

Dr. Glaza recently purchased a building in Butler Ky and we are excited as he expands his services with a large office space, more services for small animals, exotics and contemporary medicine. Dr. Glaza also sponsors several education opportunities each year for all ages and is a mentor teacher for veterinary students. His website is  http://www.lickingvalleyvet.com/

Jan Scaglione, B.S., M.T., PharmD, Clinical Toxicologist

Jan is a passionate organic gardener and avid cook of her gardens bounty. There is always some experiment going on in her garden each year, designed to enhance her understanding of the balance of sun, water, and soil with various varieties of heirloom plants. She is a longtime advocate of animals and their safety, and has helped amass a respectable set of animal toxicology resources at the Cincinnati Drug and Poison Information Center where she has been employed since 1994. She is a graduate of both Wright State University and University of Cincinnati, and holds 3 Bachelor of Science degrees and a doctorate in pharmacy. She became Board Certified in Clinical Toxicology in 2002, and specializes in animal and human toxicology, with a special emphasis on substance abuse. 


Community Partners

Central Ohio River valley - CORV

CORV's mission is to educate people, connect eaters and growers, and promote a vibrant, ecologically friendly, and sustainable local food economy in the Central Ohio River Valley. They produce a Local Food Guide that serves SW Ohio, Northern Ky and SE Indiana in a 50 mile radius from downtown Cincinnati. Ame is a member of CORV and writes articles and assists with the food guide. You can learn more about them at www.eatlocalcorv.org

kentucky association for Environmental education (kaee) 

The vision of KAEE is an environmentally literate society committed to a sustainable future.The mission of KAEE is to promote excellence in environmental education by providing support, resources, and networking opportunities to Kentucky’s community of educators. We are supporting organizational members and Ame participates in many of their training workshops and teaches at conferences.

Kentucky Wildlife REHABILITATION Association

KWRA  provides support, networking and education for wildlife rehabilitators, educators and members of our community. https://www.kywra.org/  Ame has recently founded this group and encourages others to participate.


licking River Watershed watch

The Licking River Watershed Watch works to protect, improve, and restore the waters of the Licking River Basin by promoting water quality monitoring, public education, and citizen action. We are part of this group and proud to be a testing/sampling site. We test at our creek three specific times each year. Find out more at www.lrww.org

Fox Run Environmental Education Center does not discriminate against animals or people due to race, income, religious practice or sexual orientation.


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