Fox Run Environmental Education Center

Volunteer/Intern Information

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Wildlife Rehabilitation:

Wildlife volunteers make a commitment to serve a three hour shift each week. This is a dedicated position. Volunteering does not mean playing with wild animals. There is minimal animal contact and there is a potential for bites, diseases, and parasites. Only serious, dedicated people need apply. Be aware that you must be 18 years or older to actively handle wildlife in our care. All volunteers must be up to date on their tetanus shot and those volunteers who work with high risk animals such as raccoons, fox and skunks must have their rabies pre-exposure vaccine series at your expense. Non rabies animals include opossums, squirrels and groundhogs.Volunteer Training (on farm in spring) is a pre-requisite to volunteering with wildlife. Wildlife volunteer’s clean cages, clean work areas, wash dishes, take laundry in, prepare foods/formula, feed baby animals, help provide natural experiences for wildlife and assist with medical procedures. One of the perks of volunteering with wildlife, besides the knowledge you are helping save animals, is that you get fresh produce from the garden! It is hard work but very rewarding.

Organic Agriculture

We grow a variety of vegetables, herbs and fruits organically. We teach classes in organic gardening, pollinators and conduct weed walks. Volunteers and Interns help with all aspects of the gardening process from planting, transplanting, weeding, and harvesting. Garden volunteers commit to a three hour session one day a week. They must be able to do physical tasks such as carrying up to #20 pounds of materials, hoeing, pulling weeds, bending and being out side in a variety of weather. Rewarded with fresh produce from the garden!


If you would like to volunteer but cannot commit to a dedicated schedule we have several areas that need volunteers. Grant writing, fundraising help, and transportation. Transportation involves picking up wildlife from a finder and bring it to Fox Run.

We also have a big need for people willing to just get the word out - organize a wish basket party and share us on social media. 

A wish basket party can be as simple as passing out one of my wishlist’s to your friends and collecting donations.

We also have a need for experienced education leaders - any volunteers working with children must have a background check on file.