Alternative Energy

Adults - Do you want to lower your bills and conserve energy. Find out more about low cost alternative energy projects and how you can save money and the environment at the same time.

Students - What are the different forms of energy? We will do some experiments to investigate solar, wind and water resources. And we may have a mystery guest that enjoys the sun!

Christian Environmentalism

Teens and Adults. Do you wonder what God thinks about creation and the natural environment? This is a power point/discussion presentation that looks at Bible verses (NIV) that pertain to environmental issues of the day. Animal Ambassadors are available if desired.

Herbal Medicine

Grow your own pharmacy. This class for teens and adults will teach you about some of the herbs that are easy to grow or wild craft in our area. We will learn how to plant, grow and use select varieties.

Kentucky Wildlife

Who is living in our backyard? This class is for all ages and highlights some of our native wildlife. You may be surprised! Education ambassadors come to meet and greet and tell you what makes them special.

Organic Pesticides and Fertilizers

Are you wondering how to get rid of those flea beetles or the powdery mildew that always invades Kentucky? We will discuss organic practices to get rid of pests, control disease and manage your garden without chemicals. Adults.

Smudging Ceremony

Come hear about Ame’s Cree heritage and participate in a smudging ceremony. Enjoy some Native American music and stories. Smudging is the burning of herbs - usually white sage - to purify the body and create positive energy.

Water Quality

Clean water = Life. This is a hands on class for elementary and middle school aged students.  We will do several experiments and activities to learn about water quality. And of course we will have a visit from our turtle ambassadors.

Weed Walk

Teens and Adults. Weed walks are done outside at Fox Run or on your farm. On our walk we will identify weeds – the good the bad and the ugly - and point out ones that are good for pollinators, wildlife and livestock.


Small classes (5 - 20 people) $50.00 per hour. Small classes are hands on and can be held at your location or at Fox Run.

Large classes of 20+persons are $65.00 per hour. Large classes are not as hands on and more presentation oriented. Large classes are held at your location.

Tours (1 - 5 persons) are a great way to take a class especially if you are looking for some one on one instruction. Held at the farm.

Gas fee - there is a $10 gas fee for classes that are 25 - 50 miles from Falmouth, Ky

We are not open to the public. All tours and educational programs are scheduled. Please call/text Ame to make an appointment or discuss class opportunities. 859-242-1037 or email her at