Are you interested in becoming a Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator?  Are you passionate about saving wildlife and helping them to gain the skills necessary to survive in the wild. Along with compassion, a good rehabber has a working knowledge of first aid and triage. Wildlife Rehabbers work with a veterinarian to establish good medical practices. And most important for their safety and the animals well being rehabbers need to have an understanding of zoonoses - animal to people diseases. In Kentucky, most rehabbers are volunteers.

Ame is willing to mentor new rehabbers. You can volunteer or just set up a Tour to learn more about what we do.

In Kentucky all rehabbers must be licensed through the Kentucky Dept. of Fish and Wildlife. Each rehabber is required to take the class Basic Class in wildlife rehabilitation from IWRC plus classes for continuing education to become licensed. (NOTE: Fish and Wildlife is hoping to get a class together for November or December 2018 to be held in Frankfort).  Migratory birds fall under the licensing of the US Dept of Fish and Wildlife and have further requirements. 

Wild animal babies need very specific care. I work closely with our vet to provide proper treatment. And our overall goal is to release our animals back into an appropriate natural habitat. We do not play with our wildlife. We want them to be ready for freedom from humans :)