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About environmental issues, especially those that impact our community and those where changes for improvement can readily be made. We teach young and old alike the value of environmentally friendly ways to grow and live that reduce pollution, protect wildlife, and nourish the soil. We have both livestock and wildlife animal ambassadors to discuss the benefits of a healthy and sustainable ecosystem. We offer classes in Green Building, Water Quality and Kentucky Wildlife and work with local college students who are interested in sustainable agriculture and wildlife biology careers. See our education page for information about our interactive presentations and engaging workshops! Check out our classes and events and learn something new reading our Blog.  



So many orphaned and kidnapped wildlife babies. It’s heartbreaking. But we are making a difference.  Each year we take in skunks, opossums, foxes, raccoons, turtles… We raise these infants-– to discover their inner wild so they can live the life they were meant to live. In all that wildlife rehabbers do, sometimes animals cannot be released because of permanent injuries that prevent them from being self-sufficient. In this case we may offer a forever home as an educational or display animal. Our forever homes are natural enclosures that exceed national standards.Found a baby animal? Click here



Growing in an organic and sustainable manner is important to us. You make three very important decisions every day - and that is what you put in your mouth. Organic Agriculture is better for the lands health and yours.  We offer classes in organic gardening, pollination, weed walks and sell extra produce off the farm.



We care about the environment, our community, human and animal babies. We want to see them have a world to enjoy and cherish. So we live by example, practicing what we preach, so that we may model a sustainable lifestyle. We are active in our community, teaching classes, serving on committees and promoting environmental stewardship. You can learn more about us on our partners page. 


Fox Run Environmental Education Center does not discriminate against animals or people due to race, income, religious practice or sexual orientation.