Happy New Year!

I wish you all a happy and productive New Year. Thanks to all of you for your support, encouragement and donations. We greatly appreciate all our board members, donors and volunteers. Without your help we would not be able to do what we do!

We had a fabulous, busy and productive year filled with education programs, organic gardening and wildlife rehabilitation.

Our most active role is in wildlife rehabilitation and environmental education. We are also working hard at continuously building more USDA appropriate enclosures and ensuring our education animals have wonderful forever homes.

In wildlife rehabilitation we rehabilitated and released approximately:

21 raccoons

13 skunks

3 squirrels

8 possums

1 fox

4 deer

3 box turtles

1 black snake

Transferred 2 owls, a kestrel and two hawks to USFW Bird Rehabs.

1 African Spurred Tortoise was transferred to Arrowhead Reptile Rescue in Cincinnati. While there I learned a great deal about caring for reptiles.

We had some wonderful success stories. New born fawns who were born during a car collision – and the amazing gentleman who inadvertently hit the mother and stayed with the babies until a sheriff’s deputy could come get them. Roald, our fox kit, grew to be a handsome guy who delighted me with his hunting prowess. And the three baby coons that were found cold, emaciated and muddy next to a road killed mom – I was afraid to go to sleep for fear they would perish.

Even with teaching full time I managed to get in over 20 environmental education programs in 2017. I teach offsite programs, classes on the farm and community events. Most popular are wildlife classes, but I also teach water quality, green building, organic gardening and do Native American Smudging ceremonies. I already have three education events planned for 2018 – let us know if you are interested in a program!!


And because education is SOOO important!! After two graduate degrees I am enrolled in an online Veterinary Technology program. My goal is to gain more skills to apply to saving wildlife and understanding medical care better. Although the program is accredited by the American Veterinary Medical Association and allows students to sit for the VTNE, I am not sure if I will officially do that, but the classes are practical and I am learning lots.  

This past year we also benefited greatly through hosting Dr. Glaza’s veterinary student interns. Not only did they provide some needed vet care but they were great sources of information and I learned a lot just talking with them.

We continue to move forward in positive directions and have several goals for this year.

1.     Posting on website blog weekly articles or information on what’s happening. What do you want to read about?

2.     More summer classes at farm – current suggestions for classes are weed walks and green building. Let me know if you have a suggestion.

3.     Being prepared BEFORE babies arrive. It’s always a struggle for me to gather the necessary supplies and formulas in time for babies. We will be hosting a “Baby Shower” this year to help get ready.

4.     Continuing to provide better and USDA approved housing for education animals. We want our wildlife to live the best life possible – usually this means freedom and living as God intended. But sometimes health issues or injuries keep that from happening. So we are all about providing appropriate forever homes for those animals.


Feedback and suggestions welcome – also questions.  

Blessed Be